Dr. Olitsky provides confidence building courses that give participants practical knowledge and skills that are easy to implement. He provides options to treat patients that do not necessitate large priced purchases in the practice and enable practitioners to implement new skills right away. He shares his treatment protocols that ensure success and illustrates how to avoid common mistakes in everything from treatment planning to provisionalization and cementation. He also provides his finishing techniques that minimize remakes and failures and eliminates the potential for debonded porcelain veneers.

His practice style is heavy on implementation of emotional connections with his patients. In order to provide the optimal treatment for his patients he first makes emotional connections with the person before he get too absorbed in the details of how to treat the teeth.
Focusing on controlling patients expectations and delivering predictable results, Dr. Olitsky utilizes both photography and video to assist in aesthetic visualization and communication.
He has experience providing and running both live mail order wives and over-the-shoulder courses for topics of occlusion, smile design and full mouth rehabilitation treatments.

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Dr. Olitsky has a solid foundation in aesthetics and occlusion and implements his learned knowledge with his extensive experience providing rehabilitations and smile transformations in his practice. He openly shares the tough lessons he has learned through treating his own patients and the valuable information he has gained through attendance of dental continuums both in the United States and Italy. His dentistry, lecture material and presentation style are kept up to date with current trends in the field.

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