Provide aesthetic dentistry in your practice with confidence. Have the confidence that you can communicate, treatment plan and deliver natural looking and long lasting porcelain restorations to your most aesthetically demanding patients. Confidence is communicated through enthusiasm with our patients, which comes from mastering protocols and gaining experience through both failures and making patients happy. Master the protocols for capturing the crucial information to receive accurate diagnositic wax-ups from the laboratory.

Learn how and what information to share with the laboratory to get diagnostic wax-ups that simulate the aesthetics of the final restorations. Find out why your patients never need to see a wax-up again.

  • Learn ideal preparation sequencing that eliminates chances for uncomfortable aesthetic failures in provisionals and how to trouble shoot potential failures before they become realities. Understand what information needs to get sent to the laboratory for accurate mounting and cross mounting of our cases.
  • Learn how to see provisionals like an artist and contour chair side to control case outcomes. Get instruction on stress free step by step cementation techniques, utilizing light cure and dual cure cements, ensuring veneers and crowns get seated properly and cement is easy to clean-up. Find out how to eliminate the potential for debonded veneers.
  • Learn how to modify ceramics chair side to improve natural results and get cases cemented on difficult patients. Get real information on how to adjust occlusion to minimize potentials for chipping, marginal staining and craze lines.
  • Finally, capture after images and video testimonials of your happy patients to share with future potential patients and the restoring team.

Dr. Olitsky provides all this information and more in both lecture and over-the-shoulder formats. Lectures can be isolated to photography, principles of smile design, diagnostics, preparation and/or cementation in half-day or full-day presentations. Over-the-shoulder courses are currently given in Ponte Vedra, Florida, New York City, NY and New Jersey. Work shops can be designed around photography, provisionalization and contouring, preparation design and cementation.