THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY: The full day experience
At the end of this program, participants will:

-understand the importance of clinical photography in everyday practice.
-be introduced to concepts of getting proper exposure with a DSLR camera.
-learn the basic settings to capture properly exposed dental images.
-have an understanding of the equipment necessary for clinical photography.
-be familiarized with the twelve AACD accreditation standardized views.
-know how to achieve proper position and communicate with a patient to capture the standardized views.
-be introduced to advanced concepts of lighting and photography that create images that pop.
-be exposed to ways to utilize images in internal and external marketing.
-learn basic portrait photography instruction with lighting techniques and studio set up.
-learn basic DSLR video instruction including tips to get better video and utilize it to communicate with the laboratory and promote the practice.

Short Description
Learn the skills and techniques needed to incorporate photography into your practice. This course will show you how to take and manage high quality clinical and portrait images and DSLR video in promoting, documenting, evaluating and communicating the key critical elements in aesthetic dentistry. An inspiring presentation on how to use photography and video to get better aesthetic results will be presented that can be immediately implemented into your practice.

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Long Description
The ultimate dental experience begins and ends with digital photography. Photography serves many purposes in the dental office from documentation to patient communication. This course will help the dental practitioner maximize the benefits of clinical digital photography, portrait photography and DSLR video. Once basic knowledge of how to obtain proper exposure is understood, clinical settings and standardized views will be reviewed with tips to achieve perfect standardized views. Dr. Jason Olitsky will present his shooting style from his treatment room while completing a clinical series on a patient. Methods of utilizing pictures and video in laboratory communication will be discussed including image manipulation and digital smile design. Portrait photography basic instruction will be reviewed with lighting techniques, studio set up and image manipulation. DLR video basic instruction will encourage dentists to use video to communicate with laboratory and promote their practices. The course will not only introduce ways to create images that are technically correct, but artistically superior!

Photography Basics
Shutter Speed
Color balance
Camera and Flash settings
File types and sizes
Utilizing custom settings
Clinical Photography
Ideal patient and photographer positioning
Twin light vs Ring flash
Standardized images
Magnification ratios
Retractor types and position
Ideal mirror shapes
Eliminate common clinical photography errors
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Next Level Clinical Photography
intra oral images for marketing and promotion
Utilization of specialty lighting
Incorporating black backgrounds
Marketing your pictures
Next level marketing with pictures
Use your iPad in case presentation
Make your own professional looking Before and after books
Turn your patients into wall art

Introduction to Portrait Photography
Shooting with white and colored backgrounds
Optimal communication during portrait shoots
portrait studio set up and camera settings
Light discussions
Hard vs soft lighting
light diffusers

Simple retouching tips for better looking photos in adobe photoshop

Lab Communication
Necessary shots to communicate smile design cases
Incorporating video into lab communication
Patient testimonials
Options to share images with the lab

Bonus Material
Tips to digital smile design with your images in Keynote
Case presentation with pictures
Marketing ideas to revitalize your practice
Shooting video testimonials